Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)

Find resources and support to help you understand and navigate your baby’s NICU journey.

Giving your baby the best possible care

The NICU can be an overwhelming place. You may see lots of machines, small babies in incubators, hospital staff, and other parents—it's a lot to process, especially while worrying about your own baby's condition and having to make challenging and important decisions. Find resources and support here to help you understand and navigate your baby's NICU journey.

The NICU is a nursery in a hospital that provides around-the-clock care to sick or preterm babies. It has health care providers who have special training and equipment to give your baby the best possible care.

Learn about the levels of medical care that NICUs provide and what level your baby needs. Find out what equipment they may need and what you can do to be involved in their care. You can feed your baby and use kangaroo care to get close to them, even in the NICU.

It’s OK to feel scared and confused about your baby’s condition—we have resources and support that can help you and your family while your baby is in the NICU. Visit Share Your Story, our online community for families to share experiences with preterm babies, birth defects, or loss.

Creating a community around shared experiences

Learn about some of the families who have benefited from our collective work and connect with others over what it takes to raise a strong baby.

Support NICU families and babies like Lauren's by joining Giving Day. March of Dimes empowers their potential through research and care.

NICU journey transformed: March of Dimes supports Cato family. Access resources and stories like theirs for hope and guidance.

We’re there for you—wherever there is for you

Learn about the programs and services in your area that are helping close the health equity gap and end preterm birth for families everywhere.


NICU Family Support®

Provides education and critical information for neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) families, family-centered care training for hospital staff, and resources to improve the patient and family experience.

Becoming a Mom/Comenzando bien®

A comprehensive prenatal curriculum presented in English or Spanish and designed for use with pregnant women in a supportive group setting.

Supportive Pregnancy Care® for Patients

An education and resources framework that enables maternity care providers to create a flexible group prenatal care program in their hospitals, clinics, or private practice.