Donor-Advised Funds (DAF)

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A Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) is like a charitable investment account for the sole purpose of supporting the charitable organizations you care about. DAFs are the fastest-growing charitable giving vehicle in the U.S. because they're one of the easiest and most tax-advantageous ways to give to charity.

How does a Donor-Advised Fund work?

Make a tax-deductible donation. You establish a DAF by contributing cash, stock, or other non-cash assets to a DAF sponsor such as Fidelity, Schwab, Vanguard, or a local community foundation and receive an immediate income tax deduction.

Grow your donation tax-free. While you’re deciding which charities to support, your donation can potentially grow, making available even more money for charities.

Support charities you love, now or over time. You can support virtually any IRS-qualified charity with grant recommendations from the DAF at a pace that's comfortable for you.

What are the benefits of a Donor-Advised Fund?

Easily contribute to a wide range of assets. Assets generally accepted include cash, stock, mutual fund shares, cryptocurrencies, and a multitude of non-cash assets.

Maximize potential tax benefits. You receive an immediate income tax deduction at the time you make the contribution. If you contribute appreciated assets to the fund, you can eliminate capital gains taxes when those assets are sold by the fund.

Invest your donation for tax-free growth. Once you have funded your DAF, you may recommend an investment strategy for your account, potentially growing your account and providing you with more dollars to grant to charity.

Simplify record keeping and organization. With a DAF, you don’t have to keep track of every gift acknowledgement from every charity you support—just the receipts from your DAF contributions.

Support your legacy planning. You can incorporate your DAF into your estate plan by making a bequest in your will to the DAF sponsor or by making the sponsor a beneficiary of a retirement plan or life insurance policy. Many DAF sponsors also allow you to pass the remaining funds in your account at your death to heirs or your favorite charities.

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If you have questions about giving a gift from a Donor-Advised Fund, please contact Karyn DeMartini at [email protected] or (415) 217-6362.

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