Public health data reports

March of Dimes has been committed to bringing science into service for people by not only advocating for research, but also conducting it.
Public Health Data Reports

Data and statistics gives us the foundation and power to make change

March of Dimes acquires and analyzes maternal and infant health data and program data to show the current state of the health crisis to inform research and policy change.

Data statistics

babies were born in maternity care deserts
U.S. counties are designated as maternity care deserts
women live in counties with limited maternity access

Evaluations by topic

The March of Dimes Breaking Through Bias Training was created to provide health care professionals with skills to recognize and remedy implicit bias in maternity care settings.
Maternal HealthCARE, a partnership between March of Dimes and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is a quality improvement collaborative created to advance equity and provide safe and equitable maternity care for all.
Collective Impact (CI) is a model for solving complex social problems. The approach emphasizes collaboration, learning and discovery with community partners that inform activity design and planning, implementation and maintenance.
We analyze focus groups to identify opportunities to improve quality of life for families after the NICU.
In 2021, the March of Dimes Evaluation Team completed an evaluation about delivering Becoming a Mom during the COVID-19 pandemic.
People served is calculated by the number of participants who partake in a pretest survey at their first SPC session.

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