Our work

Addressing the maternal and infant health crisis is not straightforward with one solution. It takes a combination of strategic and collaborative efforts in different areas to truly impact change to ultimately benefit thousands of moms, babies and families every day.

Programs directly impact our communities

With your support, March of Dimes touches every aspect of the pregnancy journey. Through a variety of programs, we serve specific maternal and infant health needs throughout the U.S.

Ensuring the best possible start for parents-to-be and their babies by providing access to care, in-person and online education and support.
Educating NICU staff and supporting families through a variety of online and in-person resources.
Offering clinically relevant, peer-reviewed education and training for health care professionals online and in-person.
Genetics, epigenetics, and transcriptomics of preterm birth

Finding new maternal and infant health solutions through research

The need for health care services for moms and babies is far reaching and crucial. Millions of babies are born each year in the U.S. Yet, when 1 in 10 babies is born too soon, it’s clear the need exists. Research enables us to find real solutions to health care challenges that affect families.

Policy & Advocacy

Policy and advocacy drive the change needed in health care

We work toward a world where every family, mom and baby are healthy and strong, regardless of their wealth, race, gender or geography. Learn how, together with our partners, we turn needs into action, and action into results.

Grants & Awards

Health professionals are essential to our success

We know that health care professionals bring the research, technology and medical expertise to the fight for healthy moms and babies—and make sure these vital services are put into action. If you’re a health professional, learn about our resources, including continuing education courses, scholarships and awards and other programs.

NICU Family Support Evaluation

Using data and evaluation to guide our work

Raising awareness of the maternal and infant health crisis we’re facing today and sharing it publicly is our biggest strength. We publish scientific data reports, including Nowhere to Go: Maternity Care Deserts Across the U.S. and the March of Dimes Report Card to highlight the issue. In fact, it's this data and evaluation that drives all the work that we do.

Happy Family

Campaigns and initiatives make it all possible with funding

Many families are impacted by lack of available care, a health equity gap and pregnancy complications. To make a difference, it takes funding. Events and campaigns make it possible for us to be there for families when they need us most.

March for Babies

Join the movement to help every mom, baby and family get an equal, healthy and safe start. Whether you participate in person, virtually or both, every step you take and dollar you raise makes a huge difference.

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Where do you fit in?

Now that you've seen what we do, you can take a look at where you can fit in to help us make a difference. Although together we accomplish great things every day, the need to help moms and babies continues. Here are a few ways you be a part of our work to support families.

Make a financial donation to help families.
Volunteer and be the change in your community.
Take action for moms and babies everywhere.
Join us in any one of many ways and help make a difference.