Legacy Giving: Wills, Trusts, and Estates

As you're thinking about your own future, including wills, annuities, and bequests, and by thoughtfully planning your gift, you can take care of yourself and your loved ones while also contributing to March of Dimes' work to improve maternal and infant health. Our staff in the Office of Charitable Estate Planning are happy to show you how a charitable estate gift might help you achieve your financial and philanthropic goals.
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A simple way to arrange for a future gift to March of Dimes is through a bequest. This can be accomplished by simply naming March of Dimes as a beneficiary in your will or trust. You can specify which assets we’ll receive such as cash, securities, real estate or other non-cash assets, or designate that we receive a percentage of your overall estate or of the residual of your estate.

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Creating a will - a few considerations

Though it may seem hard to believe, more than 50 percent of Americans over 60 years of age do not have a will. They either haven’t thought about it, haven’t gotten around to it, or have put it off because they don’t want to think about dying. Ensuring that your money and property are distributed to the people and charities you want is very important. 

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Life income gifts

With a charitable remainder trust, you can make a gift to March of Dimes and receive income at the same time. A charitable remainder trust is established by making an irrevocable transfer of cash, securities, real estate or other non-cash assets to a trust in exchange for an annual income for life or a term of years.

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Gifts of retirement plan/IRA assets

If you’re considering supporting both loved ones and March of Dimes at your death, your estate may reap substantial tax savings by thoughtfully planning which assets will be distributed to heirs and which will be distributed to charity. Using retirement plan/IRA assets is an excellent way to satisfy your charitable intentions because those same assets left to heirs may be significantly eroded by income and estate tax, leaving them with much less than what you intended.

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Questions? We're here to help.

For assistance with planning a gift that will benefit March of Dimes now or in the future, please contact 1-800-780-3463 or [email protected].

For assistance with any of the items above, please contact Pecola Beech, Estates Administrator, at 1-914-997-4455 or [email protected].

If you would like to make a gift now to March of Dimes, visit our donation form.

You can also make a gift by phone, mail, or fax. To donate by phone, please call 800-658-6674 to speak to one of our representatives. Sending a donation via mail or fax is easy:

  1. Download our donation form (.PDF, 117KB). 
  2. Print a copy of the form. 
  3. Make your check payable to March of Dimes 
  4. Fax a completed copy along with your check to 914-997-4537, or mail to:     

    March of Dimes     
    Donation Processing Center     
    P.O. Box 18819     
    Atlanta, GA 31126