Tracking and improving March of Dimes programs

Our evaluation process allows us to track and improve March of Dimes programs.

Evaluation is a systemic approach to track outputs and outcomes, and improve quality and of programs and initiatives.  To be most effective, it should be incorporated across the entire program timeline from planning, implementation, and post-implementation.

Factors that affect population-level indicators are diverse and beyond the reach of any project or program. We align our programs with appropriate population-level indicators and track progress towards those population-level indicators while identifying impact of our programs.

Supporting March of Dimes Programs

Monitor and track progress towards completion of March of Dimes offerings. Describe the impact of March of Dimes offerings at the national, regional, and state/local levels, and provide data-informed recommendations to improve our offerings. 

Our bilingual prenatal curriculum is designed for use with pregnant women in a supportive group setting to learn about having a healthy pregnancy.
The U.S. is in the midst of a maternal health crisis, especially for Black families. A public-private partnership was created to improve maternal health outcomes and advance equity.
A program that provides education and critical information for NICU families, family-centered care training for hospital staff and resources to improve the patient and family experience.
An education and resources framework that enables maternity care providers to create a flexible group prenatal care program in their hospitals, clinics or private practices.
Partnering to address the maternal and infant health crisis in the U.S. Together, we can ensure the health and wellbeing of every mom, birthing person, and baby.
Awareness to Action: Dismantling Bias in Maternal and Infant Healthcare™ training provides health care professionals and nursing and medical students with important insights to recognize and remedy implicit bias in maternal and infant health care settings

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