Supportive Pregnancy Care® for Patients

We work with clinicians across the US to help them be successful in bringing group prenatal care to their patients in a way that works best for them.
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What is group prenatal care?

Group prenatal care is a type of medical care you get during pregnancy from your health care provider that’s different from traditional one-on-one pregnancy care. Group prenatal care includes health care, education and social support with other pregnant people like you, all in the same visit.

A group usually has 8-12 pregnant people. Groups follow the same schedule as traditional prenatal care meeting once a month at first and then more often as you get closer to delivery.  Each group session lasts 90 to 120 minutes. During sessions, you may take your own vital signs, see your doctor, midwife or nurse practitioner, support others in the group, and learn about pregnancy, birth, postpartum and infant care.

Why participate in group prenatal care?

  • You meet pregnant people in your area who are due about the same time as you.
  • You have more time with your provider.
  • You learn from the questions and experiences of other pregnant people.
  • You can talk about your worries and will learn what to do if you experience any problems.
  • Group time with your provider and other pregnant people will help you feel confident and ready for labor and birth.
  • It can help reduce your risk for giving birth early.

What is March of Dimes’ Supportive Pregnancy Care®?

Supportive Pregnancy Care® is a March of Dimes program that gives providers the tools, training and support they need to deliver group prenatal care in a way that works best for the pregnant people they serve.

Talk to your provider about whether group prenatal care and Supportive Pregnancy Care® may be a good fit for your pregnancy journey.

If you are a healthcare provider interested in learning more about how Supportive Pregnancy Care® can help you implement group prenatal care in your practice, visit Supportive Pregnancy Care®.