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Timely reports to help you track advances in our prematurity research.

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What you should know

See How the Immune Systems of the Mom and Her Fetus Interact to Prevent or Trigger Premature Birth

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Our transdisciplinary research centers dedicated to ending prematurity.

Plan for PRCS

New phase of prematurity research will develop a path from Discovery Science to Translational Science.

Discovery Pipeline

Biomedical basic science laboratory setting

Leading by convening

Bring promising non-PRC Investigators into the network at an early stage

Pharmaceutical companies, entrepreneurs & small startups are also chosen to participate

Translational Science

Clinical setting: create clinical trials network for pilot studies to put new products,treatments, devices to the test for moms & babies

Prematurity Research

Does exposure to pesticides increase the risk of spontaneous preterm birth?

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Birth Defects Research

See what our grantees are studying to understand the causes of birth defects.

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Infant Health Research

C. David Allis, PhD wins 2017 Richard B. Johnston, Jr. MD Prize.

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