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Grants & Awards

We support to uncover the biological, physiological, psychological, epigenetic and societal underpinnings of this country’s devastating maternal fetal health crisis – and yet, we know we must do even more, even faster. 

In the last few years, we have shifted our research teams toward a more translational research approach that positively impacts patients in the foreseeable future. 

While we will continue to invest in decisive pieces of basic science research that propel our fundamental understanding of pregnancy and birth forward, the vast majority of our efforts will live in the translational, direct impact, realm, with an eye toward clinical validation and application. This is happening through our four research grants and two career awards.

Explore Grants and Awards

Offered to two recipients annually, is for early career scientists and doctors and meant to support outstanding researchers who are embarking, or continuing, on their independent research careers.
Awarded to seasoned researchers seeking to make consequential translational discoveries that will drastically alter clinical care for pregnant women and babies.
Offered to young doctors and scientists in the field of OB-GYN who are early in their careers and recently graduated from medical school or are in the middle of their residency or subspecialty training.
Offered to young doctors and scientists in the field of pediatrics who are early in their careers and recently graduated from medical school or are in the middle of their residency or subspecialty training.
The Agnes Higgins Award recognizes distinguished achievement in research, education, or clinical services in the field of maternal-fetal nutrition.
The March of Dimes Richard B. Johnston, Jr. MD Prize recognizes an outstanding scientist who has profoundly advanced the science around prenatal development, pregnancy, and birth.

Making an Impact with Research

March of Dimes research is focused on making an impact NOW to end preventable preterm birth; we do this by approaching research in several key ways. At both the bench and bedside– through descriptive research that aims to characterize and understand the factors that lead to preterm birth and other adverse outcomes; and through work that leads to mitigation and prevention of preterm birth- through therapeutics, diagnostics, and/or policy changes. 

We know that pregnancy is complex. March of Dimes research approach takes a whole-system view and brings the best talent and minds to bear, so we can make a difference in our lifetime. 

Recent examples

  • How are we making a difference: March of Dimes research programs have made discoveries that lead to direct impact on the health of moms, babies, and their families.
  • PRC microbiome studies leading to bedside testing; rapid, low cost predictive testing.
  • Early detection of preeclampsia and other adverse pregnancy outcomes through several approaches, including cell-free RNA, data analytics, and other diagnostic markers.
  • Understanding maternal-infant nutrition, to wit, NEC and how breastfeeding can improve outcomes 

Your Support Helps us Fund Research

There are a number of ways to support research at March of Dimes. Your time – through volunteering at events, raising awareness in your community, and recruiting new and impactful researcher to our network; your attention – by focused attention on how research can impact your community, your country, and the global family; and your resources – by way of funding, access to your network, and getting involved in research directly. 

We need your help to continue developing diagnostics, therapeutics, and understanding of the complex factors that lead to preterm birth, maternal and infant morbidity and mortality, and overall adverse outcomes in pregnancy. Moms, Babies, and their Families can’t wait for you to step up and get involved. 

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