Employees speak for themselves when asked why they love their career at March of Dimes.

"This is the greatest group of individuals I have worked with throughout my life. The staff and management are passionate and supportive. We work as one for an incredible cause that gives the chance for success every day. I have been lucky to be a part of great teams with tremendous leadership at March of Dimes. Together, we have made significant changes to the health care culture in the world. I know that the work we do has a positive impact in the lives of families. That is why I love my job and enjoy working for an organization that always finds a way to solve the issues we face."

Keith Nash, Executive Director

"The people, rich history and the sense of community attracted me to work here. The appreciation for the individual work we do to make an impact as an organization really inspires me to do my best day in and day out. I know that my part makes a difference in the work we do. I am looking forward to all of the new discoveries made to help all moms and babies."

Patricia Pineda, IT

"March of Dimes is a wonderful organization to work for numerous reasons. First and foremost, the culture of the organization thrives on creating a team atmosphere. The employees really care about each other and the success of March of Dimes, and there is a healthy team dynamic thanks to the influences of our executives. Not only do I feel like a valued employee every day, I am inspired by my peers and leaders."

Bevan Bello, Development