Employee Resource Groups (ERG) 

Equity is an important part of fulfilling our mission at March of Dimes. As a part of our organization, employees take the lead through Employee Resource Groups (ERG) and the Diversity Council to guide and hold ourselves accountable for the integration of diversity, equity, and inclusion into all aspects of work.


Black Employee Network

Black Employee Network (BEN) is our employee resource group (ERG) that cultivates a safe and supportive space where culture is celebrated. Professional opportunities and advancement are presented, and networking is offered. Through BEN, we explore solutions and value respect and dignity. BEN envisions an equitable employee lifecycle that supports the authentic and diverse experiences of March of Dimes’ Black employees. This is accomplished through education, community building and philanthropy.

March with Pride Spectrum lgog

Sexuality, Pride, Education, Community, Truth, Respect and Unity at March of Dimes (SPECTRUM)

SPECTRUM is our employee resource group (ERG) dedicated to building a supportive and affirming atmosphere for those in our community who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, asexual, agender or allies to their LGBTQIA+ peers. SPECTRUM has held trainings on gender identity and pronouns and LGBTQIA+ allyship and holds regular monthly meetings for all employees.

MoD Juntos logo

Juntos - Hispanic Employee Group

Juntos, which means together, is our Employee Resource Group for our employees who identify by Latin and/or Hispanic Heritage. Within our ERG, we celebrate the beautiful, rich, diverse cultures of all Hispanic communities. Our goals are to support learning about the differences through our languages, the ways we celebrate our holidays, understanding our cultural norms within our communities, and embracing the diversity of our heritage.

Our ERG supports our ability to teach our March of Dimes employees about our cultures and communities in an effort to celebrate the richness of those cultures.  We touch on history sharing, sensitive topics and how our cultural difference add value to the workplace and the communities in which we live and serve. All of our ERG’s work together to make March of Dimes an inclusive workplace.

If you have questions or are interested in connecting with our Employee Resource Groups, feel free to connect with us.