Supportive Pregnancy Care Implementation

The March of Dimes is here to assist you with implementing Supportive Pregnancy Care in your practice or health system.  Below is a breakdown of the different materials you will have available to support you.

Implementation & Session Guides (PDF download)

The Supportive Pregnancy Care Implementation & Session Guides provide everything you need to know to plan, implement and sustain a successful Supportive Pregnancy Care program in your practice or system. This document provides information on the logistics of Supportive Pregnancy Care. It includes:

  • How to develop an implementation plan
  • How to form groups
  • Strategies to recruit patients and market your program
  • Considerations for tracking results
  • Program monitoring information
  • How to bill for services

The document also features information on how to conduct a Supportive Pregnancy Care group session, including 20 session guides, one for each topic to cover throughout your group sessions. Each session guide includes tools to help you manage the content in a facilitative, engaging, interactive and empowering way.

Online Training Videos (Unlimited access for two years)

Five (5) on-line training videos provide in-depth and practical information on how to implement and sustain a Supportive Pregnancy Care program.

  1. Why Group Prenatal Care? The Evidence. This training module provides an overview of group prenatal care.  The viewer will explore components of group prenatal care, benefits of implementing group care, and scholarly evidence that supports how group prenatal care has a positive impact on health behaviors, pregnancy outcomes and cost savings.
  2. What Does Supportive Pregnancy Care Look Like?  This training module provides a picture of Supportive Pregnancy Care by following a pregnant individual on their prenatal care journey.  Participants will learn how to recruit patients, identify various components of a Supportive Pregnancy Care session and what it takes to have a successful program.
  3. How Do I Plan & Implement Supportive Pregnancy Care?  This training module examines the logistics of implementing Supportive Pregnancy Care.  Viewers will review the steps necessary to prepare for implementation, learn how to gain buy-in and active participation from your team, understand how to form groups, review practical considerations for implementing Supportive Care and identify March of Dimes resources available to assist in implementing Supportive Pregnancy Care.
  4. How to Be a Good Facilitator. This training module, focuses on the critical skills of group facilitation in a Supportive Pregnancy Care session.  Participants will review the qualities of a good facilitator, examine the roles and responsibilities of a group facilitator, identify personal strengths and weaknesses in facilitation, and determine resources for further improvement in your facilitation skills.
  5. How to Facilitate a Supportive Pregnancy Care Group:  Engaging Participants.  Strong facilitators support group participants by allowing discussion and the sharing of experiences.  This module will focus on how to proactively engage group members in a Supportive Pregnancy Care session.  Participants will examine the qualities of a successful facilitator and review different vignettes to learn creative strategies to engage participants, handle group dynamics, and deal with difficult situations.

Patient Recruitment Materials (On-line access to PDFs for printing)

Recruit pregnant individuals and market your program throughout the community by using the Supportive Pregnancy Care patient recruitment materials.  These attractive, inclusive, colorful and easy to read materials provide a brief description and benefits of Supportive Pregnancy Care and encourage individuals to call for more information.  All materials will be co-branded to include your practice or organization’s logo and contact information.  PDF documents are available to download & print on your own.  PDFs include:
•    Co-branded poster (11x17)
•    Co-branded flyer (8.5x11)
•    Co-branded palm card (5x7)

With the full-service model, co-branded materials, including a stand-up banner, will be printed and shipped to your site.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Based on group-level, aggregate data you submit to March of Dimes, you will receive an annual site-specific report that presents attendance, demographic and outcome data for individuals who participated in Supportive Pregnancy Care during the agreement period. Monthly office hours are held to support data collection and submission efforts.

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance and peer-to-peer sharing will be available via on-demand meetings and quarterly group calls.  Various Supportive Pregnancy Care topics of interest will be addressed, such as patient recruitment, scheduling, and retention.  Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions of March of Dimes experts and interact with colleagues from Supportive Pregnancy Care programs around the country. Quarterly technical assistance calls will be hosted via videoconference and are accessible via computer or phone.  

Provider Engagement Facebook Group

Social support and peer sharing is what makes Supportive Pregnancy Care so great! Our NEW provider engagement Facebook Group gives clinicians and administrative staff the ability to connect with practitioners from other Supportive Pregnancy Care sites across the United States to share ideas and resources, identify best practices, troubleshoot, and collaborate on new initiatives. The Supportive Pregnancy Care team regularly moderates the group and is highly responsive to any questions or needs that are expressed.

Supportive Pregnancy Care is flexible and allows you the ability to implement group prenatal care in a way that is best for your patient population and for your prenatal practice or health system.  

Complete our Organizational Readiness Assessment to see how ready your prenatal care practice or health system is to start Supportive Pregnancy Care. You will need this information when you sign up.

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