My NICU Baby® App

You don't have to go it alone if you have a baby who is admitted to the newborn intensive care unit (NICU), a nursery in a hospital that provides around-the-clock specialized care to newborns. We've created the March of Dimes My NICU Baby® App to provide answers, tools and support, so you can focus on your baby during what is often a difficult time. Learn about NICU staff, policies, equipment and terminology on your own schedule. The app has been developed and designed by experts to help you advocate for the best care for your baby.

Answers at your fingertips

Use My NICU Baby to do things like: 

  • Get tips and helpful videos to care for your baby in the NICU and at home
  • Track breastfeeding sessions and baby's weight 
  • Track breast pumping and kangaroo care
  • Take photos and add filters
  • Connect with other families with similar experiences
  • Create a customizable checklist to prepare to take your baby home

Supporting your NICU journey

March of Dimes helps moms and families through every stage of pregnancy and throughout the NICU journey. It's what we do. My NICU Baby App is available whenever you need it to provide peace of mind, support and information at your fingertips. It's been developed to help parents cope with a baby's early birth, complications like birth defects and other issues that may affect a baby in the NICU. On our site, you can also find more information about breastfeeding, caring for your baby and what to expect when your baby graduates from the NICU. View application flyer here.

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