Healthy Pregnancy Information Available In New, Free March of Dimes iPad App

White Plains, New York | Thursday, July 26, 2012

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Women can get healthy pregnancy information on-the-go now through a new, free, interactive magazine available through the iPad app store from the March of Dimes.

The March of Dimes has used new technology to put its reliable and comprehensive information about healthy pregnancy at the fingertips of moms-to-be. Women who are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant can download the free, interactive magazine to their tablets from the Apple iTunes app store by visiting

The interactive magazine answers all of the basic questions moms-to-be have about pregnancy. It is a digital version of the March of Dimes “My 9 Months”, magazine, an award-winning bilingual guide to a healthy pregnancy, which features everything expectant women need to know to help them and their babies get their full nine months of healthy pregnancy.

“Launching the ‘My 9 Months’ app is a milestone for March of Dimes efforts to give all women the information they need for a healthy pregnancy,” says Beverly Robertson, MS, MA, national director of the March of Dimes Pregnancy & Newborn Health Education Center. “We know women are busy and want reliable information quickly and on-the-go. This app meets the need for interactive multimedia on a mobile device. It’s a fun way to get the information they want.”

The interactive magazine offers embedded videos and links to the March of Dimes web site for more in-depth information. A Spanish version, Mis 9 Meses, also is available in the Apple App Store,

The interactive magazine covers how to stay healthy and eat right, what happens at a prenatal care appointment, the signs of preterm labor and what to do if they develop, making a birth plan, caring for a new baby, how to breastfeed and a glossary of pregnancy terms.

The “My 9 Months” interactive magazine has special features. The month-by-month video guide on how a baby grows illustrates the nine month process of a baby’s development. The video also tells about the changes that occur to the pregnant woman’s body. It has interactive pop-ups with questions and answers that young women can keep in mind when it comes to planning their pregnancy. The eating healthy section give young women suggested foods and recommended serving sizes.

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