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Expanding services in communities

Since the start of the Prematurity Campaign in 2003, March of Dimes chapters have focused their attention on improving women’s access to preconception, prenatal and interconception education, enhanced prenatal care and risk reduction services. Volunteer leadership and staff in each chapter utilize available data to identify the most pressing maternal and child health needs in their state and develop a strategic mission investment plan to identify opportunities and initiatives that address priority areas and help them work toward their overall goal of preterm birth prevention.
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March of Dimes staff and volunteers support statewide perinatal quality collaboratives, reach providers with award-winning March of Dimes education materials and resources, and educate the public through large-scale public service campaigns.

Guided by their strategic mission investment plans, March of Dimes chapter involvement in activities, programs, interventions and education resulted in nearly 1 million women and 90,000 providers reached in 2014.

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Chapter community grants

One of the many ways March of Dimes chapters work toward achieving the goals of their strategic mission investment plans is by investing in community grants for local programs and initiatives that are addressing priority areas. 

In 2014, chapters awarded more than $5.1 million through 554 local community grants and awards to achieve the goals of their strategic mission investment plans. Community grants and awards support evidence-informed interventions, local programming, education activities and quality improvement initiatives in their states. Grantees are selected through a competitive grant process that helps chapters focus their resources on the areas of greatest need and potential impact to improve birth outcomes and reduce the risk of prematurity.

Chapter community grants

Nearly 42 percent of chapter community grants funded enhanced prenatal services for pregnant women. This includes group prenatal care and risk reduction services that complement a woman’s overall care during pregnancy, such as smoking cessation services, substance abuse counseling, management of diabetes and hypertension, and case management services.

More than 83 percent of chapter community grant funds were directed to programs that address the prevention of premature birth in 2014. This number has been consistently above 80 percent for the past 6 years.

Community investment through chapter grants

Graph of 2014 Grant summary

To address the significant racial and ethnic disparities that persist in rates of preterm birth, low birthweight and infant mortality for babies born in the United States, chapters gave 192 targeted grants in 2014. These grants supported interventions or programs addressing health disparities or focusing on a specific geographic area where disparities are the greatest. 

$2.4 million in grants were awarded for initiatives aimed at reducing disparities. More than $1 million of this funding was awarded to programs serving the Hispanic/Latina population.

To find out more about our grant giving in previous years, please see our annual chapter impact reports.

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