Meet Nina Centofanti, our 2013 National Ambassador

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When they met, Chris and Vince Centofanti were each helping families with a baby in a newborn intensive care unit (NICU) — she as a Nurse Practitioner and he as Account Manager for GE Healthcare’s Maternal-Infant Care division and a dedicated March of Dimes volunteer. By 2005, they found themselves in a Cincinnati NICU together, as parents of a baby girl, Nina, born 9 weeks early and weighing only 2 lbs., 15 oz. Battling the effects of HELLP syndrome, which put her own health in jeopardy, Chris had to trust others to help her baby; and Vince never expected that his own daughter would have to be cared for with specialized equipment he’d provided to the hospital!

Treated for 5 weeks for respiratory distress and jaundice, Nina finally joined her family, including big brother, Nick, at home in Mason, Ohio. Nina is now an active 7-year-old ballerina who also climbs trees, turns handsprings and plays with little sister, Mia, born healthy at 35 weeks, thanks to knowledge gained about Chris’ risk for blood clots.

As the 2013 National Ambassador, Nina and her family will travel the country to share her story and help raise awareness of premature birth. “We hope our story can provide hope for other families — we truly understand what they’re going through,” Chris says. Read Nina’s blog to see what she’s been up to.