• Meet April and Andwele and get to know their family


Everyone has a story

These are the brave and honest stories of families and individuals who inspire us to work even harder. See how they inspire you.

Meet Lisa and Jon

Learn about having twins, navigating the NICU and raising preschoolers from this mom's and dad's perspective. You'll find out what "she said" and "he said," as you get to know Lisa, Jon, Jill and Rachel.

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Meet Jennifer

Honors college student Jennifer opens up about her premature birth, and what she's done to combat complications related to it. Read how she's defying the odds and inspiring others to reach for their goals, too.

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Meet the Daddio Family

What does a dad do when faced with two premature births? This dad steps up to help others and coach them through some of the toughest days of their lives. Discover how Kyle Daddio is turning his experience into advice for NICU parents.

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