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March of Dimes thanks our It Starts With Mom campaign partners who enable us to support all moms and babies, celebrate parents’ firsts and give them the tools they need to feel better prepared for every stage of pregnancy.

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Clearblue is partnering with March of Dimes to highlight the pregnancy journey and educate women about their reproductive health, so moms-to-be can plan for a healthy start and increase their chances of getting pregnant. Like March of Dimes, Clearblue wants to support women with the knowledge and tools to have a healthy pregnancy and is sharing March of Dimes “It Starts With Mom” campaign with customers across the globe.

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EMD Serono

EMD Serono is proud to partner with March of Dimes, sharing a deep commitment to improve all aspects of women’s health—championing them at home, in the workplace and at the doctor’s office. EMD Serono is working with March of Dimes and the It Starts With Mom campaign to address maternal health inequities and raise awareness of infertility and fertility treatment options.

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The Honest Company

Founded by actress and entrepreneur Jessica Alba, The Honest Company (NASDAQ: HNST) was built around the ethical values of transparency, trust, sustainability and a deep sense of purpose with a mission to inspire everyone to love living consciously. Since its launch in 2012, Honest has been dedicated to creating thoughtfully formulated, safe and effective personal care, beauty, baby and household products. This spring, The Honest Company is taking a stand to educate, inspire and support change for all moms and babies through a partnership with March of Dimes. As a member of the March of Dimes’ Mom and Baby Action Network, The Honest Company will help to shine a light on the impact of environmental justice on motherhood. The network’s strategy focuses on addressing inequalities in toxic exposures and climate change threats as well as leading broad changes in policy, research, funding and systems to address the root causes of inequalities in maternal and infant health.

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