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Providing access to prenatal care in underserved communities through mobile health

Nearly half of all counties in the U.S. do not have any hospitals with obstetric services

march of dimes mobile health center

Philips Foundation, with its mission to provide access to quality healthcare for 100 million people a year in underserved communities by 2030, partnered with March of Dimes in 2024 to support our Mom & Baby Mobile Health Centers® to help address maternal and infant health challenges in the U.S.

Mobile healthcare delivery is a proven model in the U.S. to improve access to care. March of Dimes launched our Mom & Baby Mobile Health Centers as a sustainable solution and scalable model to help more women access the vital healthcare they need for healthy pregnancies and births.

Support from Philips Foundation along with Philips technology is helping March of Dimes strengthen the mobile health model for moms and babies.

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Philips Foundation’s commitment supports personnel, local healthcare partners and community health workers, and aids the general operation of our mobile health centers in three communities: Phoenix, Arizona; Tucson, Arizona; and Washington, DC.

Philips Foundation also provides Philips point-of-care ultrasound with telehealth capabilities for all three mobile clinics, which provides imaging to help to assess and monitor prenatal health risks, and also gives care providers the unique ability to collaborate in real time, enhancing the level of prenatal care they can provide.

march of dimes mobile health center

By complementing technology with essential support for staff, our partnership is creating a model for quality maternal care that can be expanded across underserved communities. From the ability to share diagnostic information on a patient remotely, to connecting with high-risk obstetric providers at the hospital through telehealth technology, Philip’s tele-ultrasound devices allow clinical staff and community health workers to provide quality care and improve outcomes for patients.

Together, we’re elevating mobile health as a powerful solution for women who live in areas with limited access to maternity care.

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