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Pacify’s mission is to be the leading provider of virtual, value-based care in maternal and pediatric health.  Their tech-enabled platform provides 24/7 perinatal and infant feeding support to new and expecting parents via their smartphones.  The app connects families to a nationwide network of doulas, lactation consultants and registered nurses within minutes, reducing costs and improving outcomes for providers and patients.

Pacify’s partnership with March of Dimes supported March of Dimes’ efforts to build awareness and facilitate enrollment in Florida’s extension of Medicaid benefits to new moms. The new law extends the period in which eligible women can access medical and mental health services from 6 months postpartum to one year. 

In partnership with March of Dimes and a coalition of Florida-based stakeholders, Pacify helped create two informational videos to be shared with both providers and Medicaid eligible women.  The videos explain the benefits of the new program, emphasize the importance of accessing medical and mental health services during the post-partum period, and provide instruction on how to enroll in the expansion program.

Providers engaging with patients during their pregnancies are encouraged to speak with their patients about these benefits, reinforcing the importance of medical care for the overall health of the parent and their family. 

This messaging to providers is reinforced through a quarterly newsletter generated by Pacify and distributed digitally to a wide network of providers throughout Florida.