Humana and March of Dimes

Humana partners with March of Dimes to address and improve racial disparities and social determinants of health that affect moms and babies

Humana and March of Dimes

Since 1961, Humana, Inc. has been committed to helping people live as healthy as possible. Like March of Dimes, they’re deeply invested in towns and cities across the country, and strive to support and improve healthcare for parents and babies locally.

Today, Humana supports March of Dimes’ mission and Collective Impact work around health equity and improving access to quality care. Through special initiatives in select communities, we’re developing scalable solutions to address social determinants of health that contribute to the maternal and infant health crisis in the U.S. 

Humana’s support of March of Dimes aligns with their commitment to improving health outcomes for all and ensuring everyone has access to the tools and support needed to be as healthy as possible.

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Partnership accomplishments

In addition to our partnership with Humana, Inc., March of Dimes recently partnered with the Humana Foundation to launch an initiative leveraging Collective Impact, a proven approach for solving complex societal challenges, to improve mom and baby health within six communities across the U.S.

In 2022, initiatives through this project reached nearly 5,200 people and actively worked with 77 partner organizations. Initiatives focused on system-level changes, including advocating for policy changes and building community and hospital partnerships while also meeting basic needs such as food security or emergency response.