Elevance Health Foundation supports March of Dimes through a generous grant designed to improve access to care, reduce disparities and help us promote healthy moms and strong babies.
Elevance Health Foundation

For over a decade, Elevance Health Foundation has partnered with March of Dimes to lead the fight for the health of all moms and babies. Through a generous grant, Elevance Health Foundation has provided funding to improve access to care and reduce disparities by training health care providers and expanding the implementation of effective interventions to help us promote healthy families.

The Elevance Health Foundation strives to improve the health of humanity by addressing health inequalities and strengthening our communities in America. Our recently refined strategy underscores this commitment by focusing on strategic partnerships and programs that aid the health of the socially vulnerable.

Partnership Accomplishments

Since 2010, Elevance Health Foundation has made a positive impact by:

  • In 2020, Elevance Health Foundation granted $1.1 million to March of Dimes to close the health-equity gap by addressing racial disparities and social determinants of health that disproportionately affect Black mothers
  • In 2022, we welcomed a new chapter of our relationship with Elevance Health Foundation with a $2.3 million dollar grant, aimed at leveraging and expanding on our Nowhere to Go: Maternity Care Deserts Across the U.S. Report.