Caulder Family

Caulder family

2023 March of Dimes "Caulder Family Story"

Pregnant with triplets. And then there was one.

Eleven years ago, Elizabeth Caulder and her husband, Ronald, found out they were pregnant with triplets. After two previous losses, they “were on cloud nine.” But that all changed when Elizabeth’s water broke at 20 weeks. 

For 10 days, Elizabeth remained in the hospital on bed rest, hoping for the best. But unfortunately, their daughter Victoria was born stillborn. “I was transported back to my hospital room to focus on Ronald Jr. and David, and to grieve, which is very difficult for me,” Elizabeth says. “I would say probably more difficult for Donald who had to make arrangements for cremation while we were both grieving.” 

Elizabeth remained in the hospital, doing everything within her power to not go into labor again. But 10 days later—at 22 weeks—Ronald Jr. was born. He was born alive, but his lungs and other vital organs weren’t developed enough, and he passed away a few hours later. 

Once again, Elizabeth was transported back to her hospital room while her husband made funeral arrangements. “I felt helpless…everything was out of my control,” Ronald says. 

Then, 10 days later, Elizabeth went into labor for the third time…on Valentine’s Day. David was born two days later at 24 weeks, weighing 1 pound, 7.9 ounces. “It was challenging for us because we had this hope, this opportunity, this amazing little baby,” she says. “And at the same time, we were also experiencing the grief that comes as a result of losing two of our children, all bundled up together.” 

David went home about three months later, weighing 4 pounds, 3 ounces. And Elizabeth and Ronald have since had another son. “Now David is 11 years old,” Elizabeth shares. “He’s in a gifted and talented program. He plays football and basketball. He's an amazing big brother to his awesome little brother, William.” 

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, and we’re raising awareness and funds so we can be there for families like the Caulders. With your support, we can continue providing research, education, and advocacy needed to end the maternal and infant health crisis in the U.S. 

“My relationship with March of Dimes has gone from raising funds when a march is happening, to being indebted to the organization that saved my son’s life,” Elizabeth adds. “And I'm willing to do anything and absolutely everything necessary to ensure a future where no family has to endure what ours has.”