Statement of Stacey D. Stewart, president, March of Dimes on release of the Better Care Reconciliation Act

June 22, 2017

The March of Dimes released the following statement from President Stacey D. Stewart regarding release of the Better Care Reconciliation Act:
“The March of Dimes is profoundly disappointed that the Senate leadership has failed to protect pregnant women, infants, and families in the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA).
“The bill released today fails repeatedly to prioritize and promote the needs of pregnant women, babies, and their families.  No investment is made in promoting maternal and child health, or in ensuring that moms and infants can get the quality care they need for healthy pregnancies and a strong start in life.
“Under the BCRA, families can expect to pay higher premiums for insurance plans that fail to cover the services they need.  Medicaid coverage for up to 6.5 million women of childbearing age will be rescinded, making it harder for them to get healthy before they get pregnant.  States will be able to permit insurers not to cover maternity and newborn care, meaning women and their partners will have to purchase expensive additional coverage for pregnancy or pay all the costs out of pocket for their prenatal and maternity care.  Hundreds of billions of dollars will be slashed from Medicaid for people including pregnant women and children, requiring states to cut eligibility, services, or payments to strapped health care providers.
“This bill penalizes pregnant women, children and families at every turn.  The March of Dimes calls upon all U.S. Senators to vote against this ill-conceived package, and to go back to the drawing board to produce legislation that will support the needs of moms, babies and families.”

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