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Kiwanis International

Early members adapted the name "Kiwanis" from the expression "Nunc Kee wanis" which mean "We make noise." in the Native American Otchipew language. Certainly, Kiwanians have been "making noise" to meet their communities’ needs since the first club’s inception in 1915.

As Kiwanis clubs sprang up around the world, a focus on children developed into a trend – and led to the Kiwanis International - March of Dimes partnership! On the local level, March of Dimes State Chapters and Divisions work closely with their Kiwanis clubs to serve the children of their communities. Kiwanis also helps raise badly needed funds for the March of Dimes by participating in March for Babies or other special events.

Today Kiwanians can be found in more than 70 countries and Kiwanis family members include more than 522,000 individuals at all stages of their lives: college students join Circle K; high school students form Key Clubs; junior and middle schools sponsor Builders Clubs; elementary schools have K-Kids clubs; and disabled adults can join Aktion Clubs. To learn more, visit the Kiwanis International website at

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a partner?

Contact your local March of Dimes chapter or the March of Dimes national office.

I am a member of one of these groups. How do I get more involved?

Visit the In depth page for your organization, visit their website or contact the March of Dimes national office.

What does it mean to be a partner?

March of Dimes national service partners are clubs, organizations, fraternities, sororities and labor groups who have chosen the March of Dimes as a community partner to implement mission programs, participate in fundraising campaigns and recruit additional volunteers to help.

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