You are cordially invited to
Real Estate Event, Charleston

DATE: Thursday, October 10, 2019  |  Time: 7:30 AM
LOCATION: Trident Technical College - College Center
ADDRESS: 7000 Rivers Ave., Building 920, North Charleston, SC 29406


Coffee & Networking: 7:30am – 8:00am

Program: 8:00am – 9:00am

Parking:  Guests may park in the Special Events “Reserved” spaces. Guests may park in any non-restricted space on campus with the following exceptions.

  • No parking around building 900 or 940 without a TTC Faculty/Staff Parking Permit.
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The March of Dimes premier Real Estate Award Breakfast, pays tribute to a member or organization of the real estate & economic development industry who has shown outstanding leadership, vision, & a long history of service to the community. A dynamic event of networking and entertainment with components that include a compelling appeal to support the mission of the March of Dimes.

The 2019 Real Estate Award Breakfast is honoring LS3P Associates. 

2019 Honoree - LS3P

LS3P Associates Ltd.
The editor of DesignIntelligence has called LS3P “the most local of the global firms and the most ‘world-class’ of the locals".  They have enjoyed a long legacy of design excellence, with over 490 design awards across diverse practice areas. LS3P's mission is to “engage, design, and transform".  They believe in collaboration, innovation, and building lasting relationships with clients, and are deeply committed to the communities they serve. See only some of their community impact here.

Today, the firm is led by CEO Thompson  E.  Penney, who  started  at  the  firm  as  a  high school intern; Chief Practice Officer Katherine N. Peele; and Chief Operations Officer George E. Temple, IV. Major practice areas include aviation and transportation, office, residential, K-12 education, healthcare, higher education, hospitality, worship, and federal projects.  Locally, the Charleston Office Leader is Marc Marchant.


Thanks to the leadership of our volunteer chairs and committee members, we are honored to present this year's event. After months of hard work, these volunteers have taken the event to new heights. The March of Dimes and the families we support are grateful for the generosity and effort of the team that make this event possible.

John Durlach, Durlach Associates
Megan Durlach, Durlach Associates
Kate Early, LS3P Associates
Miller Harper, East West Partners
Brian Hellman, Hellman Yates & Tisdale
Marc Marchant, LS3P Associates
David Ramey, LS3P Associates
Jason Ward, Landmark Enterprises


“As I was having a routine ultrasound at 27 weeks, I noticed a drastic change in my doctor's facial expression. She informed me that it looked like the twins had developed twin to twin transfusion syndrome, something we had heard about, but thought we were in the clear as it usually happens early on in identical twin pregnancies. She told us she was going to call MUSC, let them know I was on my way and I needed to go NOW. As my world began to be turned upside down, I was quickly admitted where they were expecting me. I was taken into a room that looked an awful lot like an operating room and I remember thinking, no way. It is WAY too early.” We look forward to telling the rest of our story the morning of the event. - Laura & Ryan Kammauf

Past Real Estate Award

1998: The Beach Company 
1999: Max Hill  
2000: Grange Cuthbert        
2001: Pat McKinney          
2002: John L. Knott, Jr.     
2003: Wally Seinsheimer
2004: Vince Graham            2005: Robert Clement          2006: Anthony McAlister 
2007: Charlie Carmody 
2008: Mike Bennett and Hank Hofford   


2009: Arthur Swanson
2010: Jody Tamsberg 
2011: Mayor Joseph Riley
2012: Dr. Ray Greenberg
2013: Mayor Keith Summey
2014: Sen. Paul Campbell
2015: Neil Robinson
2016: Ken Seeger
2017: John Holder
2018: Marc Durlach and John Durlach


Through partnerships with companies, organizations and individuals, the March of Dimes is able to create unique moments for your clients, vendors and leadership teams. They participate in an exclusive event while supporting a critical cause. Sponsorship opportunities are available at a variety of levels for our events, providing you with brand recognition, civic engagement and a unique networking opportunity within the event. We look forward to working with you to discuss your partnership with the March of Dimes. Please contact Laura Tregner, Ltregner@marchofdimes.org, 843-614-3358.