Congress has passed Zika legislation

The March of Dimes is profoundly grateful to the thousands of volunteers and supporters who signed our petition calling for Congressional action on Zika prevention. On September 28th, both the Senate and the House of Representatives passed legislation providing $1.1 billion in funding to combat Zika virus. President Obama signed it the very next day. This is a significant victory for the March of Dimes and the moms and babies we help across the nation. Read our news release on Congressional action.

The March of Dimes took on a significant leadership role in the Zika debate starting in March.  Our Office of Government Affairs (OGA) mustered a coalition that now numbers almost 100 organizations, initiating and coordinating a host of efforts beyond the petition to educate and lobby Congress.  This included hundreds of meetings with Congressional offices, numerous letters each signed by dozens of organizations, op-eds and social media campaigns, and regular conversations with Congressional leadership. 

While this bill represents an important victory, it is only the first step down a very long road.  The March of Dimes is committed to engaging in Zika education and advocacy for the foreseeable future since Zika is expected to be a persistent threat.  We are currently working with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to provide education and raise awareness with providers and the general public in Puerto Rico. Our OGA is embarking upon a planning process for the long-term advocacy needed at both the federal and state levels to support funding for mosquito elimination, public health education, Zika testing, vaccine development, services for affected children and families, and more.

The March of Dimes maintains up-to-the-minute information and educational materials for women, men, and families on our website and social media. All of our information is drawn from CDC and other trusted sources, and available in both English and Spanish. Get tips and learn more at (English) and at (Spanish).

We urge you to share this information from our #ZAPzika campaign with friends and family:
1. Use spray, keep mosquitoes away: make sure it’s EPA-registered.
2. Say you will, embrace the chill: use air conditioning and window screens if possible.
3. If it’s wet, it’s a threat: remove still water.
4. Get protected, not infected: wear clothes to prevent bites. Use a condom to prevent sexual transmission.
5. If you suspect, then connect: call your health care provider if you are at risk of infection.