The March of Dimes Innovation Fund’s purpose is to invest in innovations that focus on key drivers of maternal and infant health outcomes, such as:

  • Prevention of spontaneous preterm birth, birth defects and other adverse newborn outcomes.
  • Support after adverse perinatal outcomes.
  • Reduce adverse outcomes driven by non-medically indicated inductions and Cesareans.
  • Reduce adverse pregnancy outcomes due to cardiovascular disease.
  • Improve support for chronic maternal stress and maternal mental health conditions.

Investments to date

Iron Health, our 2022 venture, elevates OB/GYN care with virtual support. Recognized as a rising star, they empower women's health with innovative solutions.

PyrAmes, our 3rd Innovation Fund investment, pioneers FDA-recognized breakthrough blood pressure monitoring—accurate, wireless, and noninvasive blood pressure.

Raydiant Oximetry, backed by venture funding, revolutionizes childbirth outcomes. Award-winning for fetal assessment innovation, nominated for 'Best Startup.'

If you're an early-stage company seeking funding, please submit this initial application form here

If you're interested in learning more about our Innovation Fund, please reach out to Eric Schaefer at [email protected] 

If you're interested in making a philanthropic contribution to our Innovation Fund, please reach out to Karyn DeMartini at [email protected]