The March of Dimes Innovation Fund’s purpose is to invest in innovations that focus on key drivers of maternal and infant health outcomes, such as:
  • Prevention of spontaneous preterm birth, birth defects and other adverse newborn outcomes.
  • Support after adverse perinatal outcomes.
  • Reduce adverse outcomes driven by non-medically indicated inductions and Cesareans.
  • Reduce adverse pregnancy outcomes due to cardiovascular disease.
  • Improve support for chronic maternal stress and maternal mental health conditions.
Investments to date

PyrAmes, Inc.


PyrAmes is a digital health company focused on fundamentally transforming the delivery of healthcare through continuous blood pressure monitoring that is accurate, wireless, and noninvasive. The comfort and ease of use of its platform has the potential to provide better blood pressure management for patients ranging from newborns to seniors. The FDA has recognized the company’s lead product Boppli™ with Breakthrough Device Designation. Products based on PyrAmes technology are under development and have not yet been cleared by the FDA for distribution.


Raydiant Oximetry

Raydiant Oximetry Logo

Raydiant Oximetry is a venture-backed, clinical-stage company dedicated to improving outcomes for mothers and babies during childbirth. The company was founded by Neil P. Ray, MD, a pediatric anesthesiologist, to find a solution to the pervasive problem of identifying fetal distress and potentially avoiding medically unnecessary C-sections, which can have short- and long-term implications for the mother and child



Iron Health

Iron Health Logo

Iron Health empowers OBGYNs to improve patient outcomes by extending their latitude of care. Iron Health complements standard OBGYN care by bridge gaps across the health journey by supporting their patients with convenient and comprehensive care, from primary care and behavioral health to weight management and pregnancy support.


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