Mile of Dimes Campaign

To set up your Mile of Dimes, measure out 5,280 feet of ribbon (which equals one mile). Be creative with your ribbon and place it in a unique shape, such as the March of Dimes logo or spiral shape, or simply place the ribbon in a straight line. Then, have donors place their dimes side by side on the surface of the ribbon. After the ribbon is filled up, give yourself a BIG pat on the back because you’ve raised over $9,000 towards lifesaving research for babies! 

The mission of the March of Dimes is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. The March of Dimes needs your support to make sure every baby is given a healthy start in life!

Mile of Dimes Facts

WHO: The March of Dimes is a national voluntary health agency dedicated to improving the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality.

WHY: The March of Dimes wants all parents to know the joy of having a healthy baby. The March of Dimes carries out this mission through programs of research along the cutting edge of science; community services linking moms and babies to care and services, help and hope; through public and professional education providing parents with tools vital to healthy childbearing; and advocacy championing the causes of mothers and babies from town halls to the halls of Congress.

WHAT: The Mile of Dimes is a school sponsored fundraising program. It is an excellent way to make students aware of the importance of healthy babies, and to promote social responsibility. Students collect donations from family and friends to raise money for the March of Dimes.

WHERE: Mile of Dimes is normally held on the school grounds or a nearby location.

WHEN: Each school selects the week best suited to their schedule.  

HOW: Follow instructions for each age group

Mile of Dimes Fundraising By Age Group:


Elementary School

  • Coin boxes- The March of Dimes will provide Coin Boxes for students to raise money in
    • Can do competitions between individual students, classes, grades etc.
    • Winning class/grade can get a pizza party or some reward 
  • Coin boxes will be sent home with a letter detailing efforts of the March of Dimes, as well as history, information regarding fundraising, statistics and why the school is participating.
  • Schools can commit to raise the full mile (about $9,000) or they can work among their district or even other towns
  • Children can receive individual boxes that they can bring to family members, around their neighborhood etc and then add it to one big classroom box.
  • Event in celebration of their fundraising efforts! Line out the Mile with ribbon or big paper dimes, have a walk, showcase the effort!

Middle School

  • Coin boxes- provided by the March of Dimes (see elementary instructions)
  • Dimes Wars- similar to Penny wars, but with dimes for March of Dimes!
    • Teams compete, most likely by grade
    • Each grade receives a bin where they deposit money; it can be available at lunch, homeroom etc.
      • Coins increase point value
      • Dollars decrease points value
      • Point: put coins in your own bin and dollars in the other teams
      • Ending: lots of fundraising!
  • Event to showcase fundraising efforts! Lay out the Mile with ribbon etc. and have a walk or food or another type of event to visualize the fundraising efforts! Fun!

High School

  • Dimes Wars: see middle school instruction sheet
  • Club competitions: have different high school sports and clubs compete to raise the most money, with the total coming out to be enough to make a Mile of Dimes!
    • All the teams commit to raising ___ of a mile
    • Team that raises most gets a prize
    • Team that raises fastest gets a prize 
    • Example: soccer team raises $800, comic club raises $500, football team raises $900
  • Culminate the efforts with an event showcasing the efforts


  • Tabling and marketing!
  • Encourage clubs, teams etc to commit to raising a distance!
    • Have the total distance among the school add up to 1 mile
    • Give all teams a distance to commit to, such as each group that registers for the event must raise 1/16 of a mile which equals about $560
    • When all the money is raised, on a specific date, line the campus with this mil! Measure it out and let each club decorate their raised distance however they want
  • Encourage information sharing; college kids like facts and statistics and knowing how it will affect them. Make it personal! That’s the best way to get people involved
  • At the end, you have a decorated mile on campus, more educated students and almost $9,000 for the March of Dimes!

Please download a document of Sample letter to Parents and Announcements: March of Dimes Mile of Dimes.(PDF, 72KB)