About March of Dimes Supportive Pregnancy Care

The March of Dimes Supportive Pregnancy Care program is a flexible way to provide prenatal health care and education to a group of pregnant women. Supportive Pregnancy Care fosters health literacy and health equity and is unique in that it addresses both social determinants of health and medical factors. Supportive Pregnancy Care strives to be culturally relevant to the variety of women served. It is also flexible, allowing you to personalize care to your organization's needs and capacity, while addressing your patients' specific needs.

Supportive Pregnancy Care offers 
•    Prenatal Care & Health Education  
•    Social support 
•    Positive experiences for both pregnant women and providers

During the COVID-19 global pandemic, March of Dimes is offering a virtual group option for participants of Supportive Pregnancy Care. Please contact your health care provider to see if Supportive Pregnancy Virtual Groups are available to you.

Prenatal Care & Health Education

March of Dimes Supportive Pregnancy Care aligns with prenatal care guidelines established by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists & the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Women enrolled in Supportive Pregnancy Care receive approximately 10 group sessions during the pregnancy - once a month for the first and second trimester and every two weeks during the third trimester. A woman will be given her appointment schedule for the entire pregnancy at the first prenatal visit. 

At each group session a pregnant woman has an individual health assessment with a licensed obstetric provider.  She is empowered to take part in her health care by learning how to measure and record her weight, blood pressure & gestational age.  She then spends approximately 90 minutes in a group education session with other women of similar gestational age.  The group sessions are co-facilitated by two health professionals, a licensed obstetric provider and another health care professional and cover issues of pregnancy, labor and delivery, infant care, family planning, post-partum maternal care and stress management. Women learn from each other through the sharing of knowledge and experiences.  The session content is flexible and can be tailored to the needs of the group.


Social Support

During each visit, expectant mothers will have more time with their care providers than they would during their standard individual prenatal checkups, and benefit from prenatal care education and vital social and emotional support from other mothers. This environment can empower women to take control of their pregnancy care.  Group sessions foster relationships and friendships among the women that can last throughout their pregnancies and beyond.


Positive experiences for both pregnant women and providers 

Both pregnant women and providers report having positive experiences with Supportive Pregnancy Care.   

“I love the group talks…I love the different experience that everyone else has been through…it helps me along the way with my pregnancy” (Supportive Pregnancy Care Mom)

“You are able to provide such quality care in a short amount of time, that is typically not allowed in a traditional setting.  It always feels like a rush when you are going from one patient to another… but to bring a group of patients together to educate them and also take care of them at one time, allows for a shorter period of time to give really meaningful efficient care!”
(Supportive Pregnancy Care Provider)

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