Our staff, partners, researchers, sponsors and volunteers commit time, energy and money to help babies get a healthy start. Each person here plays an integral role in advancing the March of Dimes mission through leadership, research, education and community service programs nationwide. These amazing individuals, with your support, help moms and give every baby a fighting chance.

Stacey D. Stewart

Mrs. Stewart is deeply committed to our mission and a visionary leader who will grow our revenue base and enhance our Foundation’s financial strength. She has a talent for bringing comm

Betty Taylor

Betty's son Zeek was born 14 weeks early and weighed just 1½ pounds. Named for Ezekiel, the Old Testament prophet who gave great hope to the Israelites during captivity, little did...

Camille Winbush

Camille Winbush is a talented young actress and entrepreneur with many television and film credits to her name. She has a recurring role as Lauren on the ABC Family show The Secret Life

Deepak Srivastava, MD

Pediatric cardiologist Deepak Srivastava, MD, a March of Dimes grantee for more than a decade, has been studying causes of congenital heart malformations, the most common birth defects,

Heather Kane

When Heather's first son was born premature, her family had private insurance through an employer, but it did not cover specialty care in the hospital, including the neonatologist.

James E. Crowe, Jr., MD

James E. Crowe, Jr., MD, of Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee, has an urgent mission--developing treatment for a common childhood illness that can turn deadly.

Jill Wood

Jill and her husband were joyfully celebrating the healthy birth of their first daughter. But her first night home from the hospital, the baby died. The autopsy found that she had an...

Kathy Paz

Kathy Paz was a student expecting her first child. And then Alex was born too soon. Kathy had extensive medical expenses and no insurance. She enrolled in Medicaid to cover his care.

Kelly Clarkson

Grammy Award winning recording artist and winner of American Idol's first season, Kelly Clarkson serves as a celebrity ambassador for March of Dimes youth leadership initiatives...

Kristin Fowles

If anyone had told Kristin that she would become a "political activist," she would have scoffed and said "No, that's not my thing." But that was before she had two children born with...

Megan McGlinchey

Serving more than 700 families a year, March of Dimes NICU Family Support at Christiana Hospital in Delaware is a vital program, and Megan McGlinchey knows it. Despite a difficult...

Ryan Bott

When Ryan's son was born with a cleft lip, it shocked the family. His wife's pregnancy was trouble-free, so why had it happened? Ryan started looking for answers. He knew that to...

Sherri Shepherd

The exuberant actress, comedienne, author and Emmy Award winning co-host of ABC network's The View, is a March of Dimes celebrity ambassador and a March of Dimes Mom. Sherri is an...


Latin Grammy Award winning recording artist, actress, and media personality, Thalia supports the March of Dimes as a March of Dimes Mom. Thalia is regularly featured in entertainment...