SCI Direct

SCI Direct partners with March of Dimes to provide support to families during difficult times and care for those who care for others.

SCI Direct and March of Dimes share a common goal—to provide support during difficult times and care for those who care for others. Through their brands, they’ve committed to raising up to $100,000, creating and delivering 5,550 bereavement care kits to families in neonatal intensive care units (NICU) and volunteering at March for Babies.

SCI Direct is the management company for eight funeral and cremation providers throughout the U.S. and has served more than a million families since 1973. 

People turn to their brands during their most challenging, personal moments and it's their mission to offer comfort in their time of loss and carry out their loved ones’ final wishes with compassion and dignity, honoring those lives.

SCI Direct fosters a strong sense of corporate responsibility by partnering with service, nonprofit and relief organizations, and they’re passionate about supporting and giving back to the communities where they live and work. Through their WAVES Volunteer Program, they encourage their teams to both lead and participate in service activities, events, donation drives and other opportunities to improve the quality of life for fellow citizens and help those in greatest need.