In 2018, the March of Dimes extended their network of Prematurity Research Centers to six by welcoming the Imperial College London, the first European center. As part of what has become an international research initiative, this new team brings unique strengths to the effort  to find  the unknown causes of prematurity and eventually prevent and end premature birth. This new center will be known as the March of Dimes Prematurity Research Center Imperial College London.

The expertise of Imperial College London in the area of glycobiology is unmatched by any other institution and not covered by the work of any other PRC in the March of Dimes network. It is however, complementary to the research themes of other PRCs, including the microbiome (Stanford), physical changes in the structure of the birth canal and organs (The University of Pennsylvania), and the genetics of preterm birth (The Ohio Collaborative).  This was one of the most important factors in the selection of Imperial College as the sixth PRC.

Contributing to the work will be three major hospitals  affiliated with Imperial College London—Queen Charlotte’s Hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital and Chelsea and Westminster Hospital--providing a highly desirable and diverse patient base of moms and babies.