2022 Research Grants

Request for Applications Are Closed

March of Dimes is committed to advancing the health of all moms and babies, and that involves seeking answers through a diverse research portfolio. We are actively seeking applications for research grant funding that involve translational and actionable science that will lead directly to interventions or preventions. Our goal is to turn observations in the laboratory, clinic, and community into interventions, therapeutics, and diagnostics that improve the health of moms and babies. We are also committed to learning about differences in populations integrated into key research areas.

The proposed research should focus on one of these priority areas:

  • Pregnancy-Related Disorders: Prevention and treatment of diseases in either mom or baby that lead to spontaneous or medically indicated premature birth. This may include studies related to inflammation and immune signaling, placental or cervical health, and hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. Investigations addressing all pregnancy-related disorders must have the potential to improve clinical care to prevent adverse maternal and child outcomes.
    • Basic-Translation Methods
    • Population Specific Disparities
    • Social Determinant or Drivers
    • All of the above
  • Developmental Origins of Infant Health: Including research on the role of the placenta and the maternal-fetal interface on pregnancy outcomes, and immediate and long-term health outcomes for the infant. Studies must lead to clinical impact in the areas of prevention and treatment of developmental disorders, and have the direct potential to improve the quality of life of those affected.
    • Basic-Translation Methods
    • Population Specific Disparities
    • Social Determinant or Drivers
    • All of the above
  • Maternal Morbidity & Mortality: Studies addressing the leading contributors to the rising rates of severe morbidity and maternal mortality, such as preeclampsia, cardiovascular and metabolic health, and environmental factors including the effect of stress. This may include investigations regarding during pregnancy, intrapatum and up to one year postpartum, specifically impacting maternal health outcomes. Studies must have the potential to improve clinical care to decrease the rate of maternal mortality.
    • Basic-Translation Methods
    • Population Specific Disparities
    • Social Determinant or Drivers
    • All of the above

We define the Social Determinants and Drivers of Health as studies that have the potential to make an impact in achieving maternal and child health equity. This includes studies that address aspects such as economic stability, neighborhood and physical environments, education, food security, environmental stress, race and discrimination, quality of care, access to health care and coverage.

We encourage multidisciplinary collaborations including those with community based partners that engage populations, providers, and policymakers.

Please note, the research:

  • May include continued investigations into the effects of COVID-19 infections on maternal and infant health.
  • May involve information and communications technology innovations.
  • May include human studies or studies with human tissue, or studies at the population level.
  • Models systems research is discouraged, but mouse studies are eligible if they are to validate novel human disease processes.

Key Dates

June 21, 2021………………..Application portal opened
September 10, 2021.…….Application due
December 13, 2021……….Notification of funding decision
January 1, 2022…………....Award start date


We invite submissions from health professionals, health researchers, epidemiologists and social scientists with doctoral academic degrees, and either a faculty appointment or equivalent at academic universities, hospitals and research institutions; or employees of small businesses, startup companies, non-profit organizations or pharmaceutical companies committed to research in the area of maternal and child health. Individuals from underrepresented and disadvantaged groups are encouraged to apply. These applications are not limited to U.S. citizens and are open to global applicants. Applicants may not hold any other concurrent March of Dimes grants when applying.


We anticipate making at least two awards in each category, with each ranging from $200,000 - $300,000. Grants will be distributed for 24 months to 36 months, with a set of deliverables to be met for each year, before the next year’s support can be distributed.


The entire process must be completed online at https://modresearchgrants.aibs-scores.org.

Applicants may only submit one application, listed as a PI or Co-PI.

Required Information

  • Title & Abstract of Proposed Project
  • Statement of Objectives and Hypothesis
  • Preliminary data and Background Studies
  • Research Approach including a Community Engagement Plan
  • Budget and Budget Justification
  • Candidate’s biographical sketch
  • Facilities available 
  • Current and Pending Financial Support: list each grant or contract for the conduct of this research. If there is no support, please state “NONE”


Please direct any questions to [email protected].