Prematurity Campaign Collaborative

The March of Dimes has created a new collaborative of almost 300 leading maternal and child health organizations and experts nationwide, including parents and community groups, to foster communities in which newborns, especially the most vulnerable, can get the healthiest start to life possible.

The March of Dimes Prematurity Campaign Collaborative aims to achieve equity and demonstrated improvements in the preterm birth rate. Premature birth (before 37 weeks of pregnancy) and its complications are the #1 cause of death of babies in the United States.

Collaborative participants have developed a strategic map which identifies five critical strategies that are now being pursued:

  • Promoting health equity
  • Improving clinical and public health practice
  • Expanding research and translating findings to new forms of prevention and treatment
  • Developing effective messaging to raise awareness about the urgent problem of prematurity and public policies to prevent it
  • Seeking additional funding and resources

The group also agreed to three cross-cutting, important themes across these five priorities: 1) emphasizing the health of women and adolescents; 2) engaging families, communities and other strategic partners across sectors through a collaborative infrastructure; and 3) optimizing the use of data and evaluation to drive learning and success.

Prematurity Prevention Summit: Building a Birth Equity Movement

Thought leaders will convene on May 21-22, 2018 in Arlington, VA to advance policy and practice, to mobilize community leadership, to share and spread emerging ideas and promising practices, and to energize stakeholders to achieve equity and reduce preterm birth. Learn more and register.

Collaborative meetings

View the 2018 meeting schedule for the full Collaborative, steering committee and workgroups. As a member of the Prematurity Campaign Collaborative, we value your input. Please complete this survey to let us know about any topics you would like to discuss or speakers you would like to hear from in future meetings.

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Patient safety resources

View these patient safety resources from the Council on Patient Safety in Women's Health Care, Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (AIM):