Mom and Baby Action Network

Building on past achievements of the National Prematurity Collaborative, the Mom and Baby Action Network will engage in cross-sector partnerships that invest in, influence and leverage collective action to lead broad changes in policy, research, funding and systems to address the root causes of inequities in maternal and infant health.

March of Dimes serves as the backbone organization, providing technical assistance, guidance, training, tools, resources and communication platforms to achieve birth equity in maternal and infant health. We’re also an active collaborator and partner directly working to advance programs, research and policies to ensure that every mom and baby is healthy regardless of wealth, race or geography.

Our vision

We aim to achieve birth equity by centering the voices and experiences of local communities and mobilizing partners, companies, organizations, subject matter experts, policy-makers, advocates and leaders nationally around a common agenda and shared metrics of success.

We’ll accomplish this by:

  • Building on the Guiding Principles and the Birth equity Consensus Statement developed through the Prematurity Collaborative. 
  • Convening dedicated national workgroups and engaging local place-based collaboratives to facilitate the removal of system barriers, mobilize the alignment of resources, amplify the sharing of best practices and increase access to expertise. 
  • Facilitating a disciplined results-based approach to our collective work through the regular monitoring and sharing of common metrics of success, both at the population and performance measure levels. 
  • Accelerating the implementation of policy, research, systems, funding and programmatic solutions to help advance the five overarching strategies identified in the National Birth equity Framework: 
    • Dismantle racism and address unequal treatment
    • Increase access to high quality, high-value, risk-appropriate, integrated healthcare 
    • Promote environmental justice to limit exposure to environmental toxins
    • Reduce the burden of and disrupt lifelong economic insecurity
    • Build safe, supportive and connected communities

Take action now

Join the Mom and Baby Action Network—your voice is crucial to providing all moms and babies the health equity they deserve.

You can take part by aligning your work towards solutions contained in the National Birth equity Framework and participating in one or more of the dedicated national workgroups focused on the five overarching strategies. Start by reading the Birth equity for Moms and Babies Consensus Statement.

You can also help us fund this collective work in your community. Local and national cross-sector partners will actively drive impact by centering communities, prioritizing birth equity and working in high alignment and action to advance a results-based framework.

Explore partnership opportunities and participate in the network by completing this sign-up form or emailing [email protected].