Clinical and public health practice workgroup

The Clinical and public health practice workgroup is one of the six Prematurity Collaborative workgroups guided by the Collaborative strategic map.

This workgroup works toward achievement of demonstrated improvements in health equity and preterm birth by increasing effective use of evidence-informed clinical and public health practice.

Workgroup focus

The workgroup focus is guided by the strategic map priorities to:

  • Optimize public health systems and strategies to improve women’s and adolescent health
  • Optimize clinical practices to improve women’s and adolescent health
  • Support strategies to increase the intentionality of pregnancy
  • Ensure all women receive high quality prenatal care
  • Ensure appropriate care for all women with prior preterm birth

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Workgroup co-chairs

The workgroup's co-chairs are:

  • Vanessa Lee, MPH
    Infant Mortality CoIIN Coordinator,
    MCH Bureau, Health Resources and Services Administration
  • Chris Zahn, MD
    Vice President of Practice Activities
    American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Workgroup Accomplishments

Workgroup Work Plan

2019 Meeting Schedule

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Sub-Workgroup Meetings

The Clinical and Public Health Practice Workgroup is focused on the development of a preterm birth prevention bundle and a social determinants of health screening tool resource guide in partnership with the Health Equity Workgroup. If you would like to join one of these sub-workgroups, please email the [email protected] to have your name added to the volunteer list. 

June 26, 2019 SDOH Meeting

April 24 2019 SDOH Meeting

March 7 2019 SDOH Meeting

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