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In Memory of...
Noah A Fernandez
Total donations for this band: $4,190.00
Noah A Fernandez
Hackensack, New Jersey

Date of Birth: 6/9/2015
born too soon

Personal Message:
Our sweet, beloved Noah, Forever in our hearts.

Randall Acosta, Michael Ahearn, Mohamed Ahmed, Susan Army, SauMei AuYeung, Laura Balogh, Melissa Baltazar, Graciella Bareng, William Bermudez, John Blasi, Gabriel Bruno, Juan & Lidia Camacho, Michael and Doris Camacho, Andrew Capaccio, Christine Carulli, Aaron Cohen, Suzanne Collins, Jen & Jason Cortellini, Jennifer D'Ambrosio, John Driver, Vinko & Diana Dunatov, Kathy Ellard, Leo Family, Abelardo & Ivonee Fernandez, Abelardo & Silvia Fernandez, Jackie Fernandez, Kathleen Forrest, Isel Garcia, Margoth Garcia, Barbara Giambarrese, Ronald Gibney, Belinda Gillett, Arta Gjecaj, Lauren Grossman, Michelle Halliburton, Gina Hollenstein, Darrilyn Hubbard, James Hufnagel, Margaret Hunt, Grace Jersey, Vanessa Jones, Danette Knights, Angela Landry, Thomas and Paulina Lee, Jennifer Licini, Hung Luu, Larry Marte, Casey Marteney, Miriam Martin, Norma martinez, Lorraine Mattox, Janet & Rob Menos, Danielle Mesa, Michelle Messina, Maryann Monaco, Amy O'Hara, Anne O'Malley, Ruth Pantaleon, Jeff & Linda Parrott, Yvonne Phillips, Orestes and Karen Rios, Mary Roberts, Pauline Rodney, Armando and Sonia Rodriguez, Richard Rogers, Elizabeth Rosky, Jennifer Roussel, Michele Rusnak, Anna Sale, Ramon Sarmiento, Brian Seigle, Lisa Sena, Steven Siegel, Mia and Mike Stazzone, Lisset Torres, Amanda Tripmacher, Brian Tulloch, Patricia Utsey, Elizabet Valdes, Omar Valdes, Simon Walsh, Jacqueline Weinbach, Rosemary Whiteley, Trevor Whitlock


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