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In Memory of...
Agustin (KJ)
Total donations for this band: $10,295.00
Agustin (KJ) Arellano
Miami, Florida

Date of Birth: 4/10/2006
born too soon

Teresa A. Hernandez, Alicia Albacete Astorga, Rachel Josh, and Jasyn Altchek, Michelle Rodriguez Sanchez and Alex Sanchez, Bailey and Aliane, Jackson, Lola and Allen Pegg, Aly & Jorge Armenteros, Danny & Ali Aymerich, Elizabeth and Facundo Bacardi, Michel & Camila Badia, Micole & Larry Bag, Toby & Richard Bag, Scott & Trisha Bonilla, judith & Leon Brenner, Doug & Julie Brown, Elaine,Alan & Nathan Brown, joel brown, Olga & Bill Burlein, Megan Falk Burley, allison and Jimmy byrd, Isa & Ernie Castro, Nicole & Jose Costa, cristina courtney, Chris & Li Crystal, Tony & Silvia Cuellar, Ashley and Jose Cueto, Carlos Cueto, Santiago Cueto*, dan and daun dees, Matthew and Erin Dernis, Carlos Dominguez, Gene and Lani Drody, Maria Drulard, Cristi and Coleman Edmunds, Kirsten Erdmann, Lori and Brent Faison, Emerson Fales, Christian Falk, Linda and Vic Falk, Chad and Patti Fauser, Jennifer Fishe, Heather & Michele Floriani, Carrie & Thad Foote, Yvette Pita Frampton and Chris Frampton, Boris and Raquel Gabay, Elena and Alex Garcia, Tiffany & Eddy Garcia, Ira and Lourdes Geller, Jon Geller, Lance Geller, Lee, Melissa, & Alexa Geller, Amy and Christian Ginman, cherry and ken goldblatt, Jason Goldblatt, Humberto&Betty Gonzalez, Cindy Greenberg, Jeff & Mary Ann Griese, Ed & Gloria Gross, Jorge and Teresa Gross, John and Patricia Harris, Remey and Jane Harris, Sal & Cristina Hazday, Bonnie Helman, Allison & Jimmy Hendrix, Rhonda Hines, Nicky and Pieter Hommen, Catherine Irvin, Lee and Caroline Irvin, Edgar and Susan Jones, Susan and Jules Kaufman, Ed & Pam Kelly, Alex Khutorsky, elvira and aaron khutorsky, Katya, Gary, Max, Sasha Khutorsky, Linda Kohn Heller, Renee and Rick Kuci, Yvette Latour, Gulliver Academy Learning Center, Javier Figueroa & Lilli Solis Figueroa, Carlos & Silvia Luna-Duenas, wewe & owen Marimon, Ileana Marquez, Josephine & Larry Mazzone, Doug and Becky McCarron, Bevo & Don Meginley, Cristina & Andres Mendoza, Cristina and Victor Mendoza, Elsa & Fernando Mendoza, Martica & Fernando Mendoza, Victor Mendoza, Robert and Roberta Meyeringh, Susie Mendive and Mikon van Gastel, Tania and Curtis Miner, Raquel and Adolfo Minoso, Carolina and Oscar Minoso Graterol, Cristina Miranda de Legorburu, Patricia and John Musitano, Michelle & Dustin Nason, Anna and Jason Near, Gerrit Neve, Katie Newcomm, Phillip Newcomm, Anne Beaumont Nichols, Hadley Nichols, Kristina Nikolic, Jeff & Courtney Noyes, Laura Pabalan, Christine & Roger Peluso, Bill Pino, Ceci & George Pino, Joyce & Tony Pippo, Patricia Pita, Marcello and Nicole Porcelli, Sylvia Portuondo, Beatriz Quijano, mauricio & moncia quirch, Julie and Robert Ramirez, Elena, Matt, Emma, Ellie,Tater Ramirez/Richer, Anil and Dana Ranawat, Chet Ranawat, Frank & Fabiola Recio, Jose Felix and Sofia Remy, Ali and Omar Rivera, Ari and Kim Rollnick, Casey and Cristy Roos, Victor & Lian Rosado, Jamie and Lisa Rosenberg, Marsha Rowland, David Ryan, Rene and Nani Sanchez, Lisa Sayfie, Nicole Schechte, Craig, Jeanine, Cole & Carli Schmidt, Jason Sessions, Elena Smith, Morgan Smith, kristy socarras bigelow, iko spencer, Nick Stanham, Ed, Helen,Samantha,Michael Stephan, Lainie Suarez Butler, Louisa Terry Garrido, Maite & Thomas Thornton, Coco, Venny and Olivia Torre, Liz Traba Fitzpatrick, emily tracht, Monkey v/d Kreeke, Robin and Jennifer Vandekreeke, John & Monica Vides, Marianne Weiss, Jessica and Bobby White, Kristi Williamson, Paige & Chris Winburn, Lourdes & Eduardo Zayas-Bazan, Betty Zipse, Luis Zuniga

(*monthly donors)

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