Tracking your weight gain

During pregnancy, it's important to gain the right amount of weight for your body. 

Gaining too much or too little weight can be harmful to you and your baby. But gaining the right amount of weight can help you have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

It's best to gain weight slowly and steadily. But don't worry too much if you gain a little more or a little less than you think you should in any week. You may have a few growth spurts when you gain several pounds in a short time and then level off. 

And while you don't want to gain too much weight, don’t ever try to lose weight during pregnancy. If you have questions about healthy weight gain during pregnancy, talk to your health care provider.

Use the chart below to track your pregnancy weight gain alongside the average weight gain curve shown. Weighing yourself at the same time each day and wearing the same kind of clothing can help you be consistent in tracking.

Tracking your weight gain