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COVID-19 Articles

PeriStats now includes a resource to help obtain the most up-to-date articles on COVID-19 and the maternal and child health population. The links provided here represent collections of published papers found on PubMed that have been reviewed and selected for relevancy to maternal health, pregnancy, infant health, and child health. Examples of topics that are included are: vertical transmission, systematic reviews, maternal screening, and characteristics of COVID-19. This selection is suited for public health professionals who work or are interested in the area of maternal and child health.

COVID-19 and Pregnancy

COVID-19 and Infants/Children

COVID-19 and Health Equity

Other sources for COVID-19 related articles:

NIH iSearch COVID-19 portfolio: includes articles from PubMed as well as pre-prints (preliminary reports of work that have not been certified by peer review) from medRxiv, SSRN, arXiv, bioRxiv, Research Square and ChemRxiv. The portfolio is updated daily.

Johns Hopkins Center for Humanitarian Health, COVID-19 Maternal and Child Health & Nutrition Literature Repository: Regularly updated list and summary of peer-reviewed journal articles related to COVID-19, maternal and child health (including infants), and nutrition.

The Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI) COVID-19: Expert Review of Relevant and Emerging Literature (not specific to maternal and child health)