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Updated data on poverty and health insurance

PeriStats has been updated with the most current data on poverty and health insurance.

PeriStats has been updated with 2018 health insurance coverage data for women and children for the US and by state. The updated data are from the American Community Survey, a part of the US Census. The data were retrieved from the, Minnesota Population Center at the University of Minnesota.

The topics updated include

  • Uninsured women (15-44 years)
  • Uninsured children (18 years and younger)

PeriStats has been updated with data on the proportion of women and children living in poverty for each state, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. during 2017-2019. The updated data are from The Current Population Survey (CPS) which is sponsored by the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The data were retrieved from, Minnesota Population Center at the University of Minnesota.

Poverty is defined as those who make less than 100% of the poverty threshold established by the US Census Bureau. The poverty threshold for a family of three was $19,515 in 2017, $19,985 in 2018 and $19,998 in 2019. Data are available for the percent of women (15-44 years) and percent of children (18 years and younger) living in poverty.

Poverty data are available under the "Population" topic accessible from the selection tool on the left hand side of PeriStats.

Contact the Perinatal Data Center with any questions.


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