Singleton and Multiple Birth Rates


Singleton and multiple birth rates are shown for all births, by maternal race, maternal race/ethnicity and maternal age. Multiple birth deliveries are further stratified by twin deliveries and triplet and higher order deliveries. The singleton delivery rate is calculated as the number of singleton live births divided by all live births, multiplied by 100. All multiple birth calculations are shown as a ratio rather than a percent, and are multiplied by 1000 instead of by 100, consistent with NCHS procedures. This is a ratio, as opposed to a rate, because sets of multiples cannot be determined from the data. Therefore, counts in the numerator represent individual live births that occur from multiple deliveries. Low birthweight, very low birthweight, preterm and very preterm birth rates among singletons and multiples are also shown (see calculation notes on Birthweight and Preterm birth for more information).
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