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Location: Michigan
Topic: Preconception counseling by income
Format: PRAMS Graph
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Preconception counseling by income: Michigan, 2011

Note: Vertical lines in graph represent 95% confidence intervals.
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• In Michigan in 2011, 17.3% of mothers in households with an annual income of less than $10,000 had preconception counseling before pregnancy, compared to 16.5% in $10,000-$24,999, 17.8% in $25,000-$49,999 and 25.6% in $50,000 and over. 


  • Preconception counseling: mother reported a doctor, nurse, or other health care worker talked with her before her most recent pregnancy about healthy lifestyle behaviors and prevention strategies, including taking vitamins with folic acid and controlling medical conditions like diabetes.
  • Due to methodological changes, data are only available beginning in 2009.
  • For more information about the availability of PRAMS data by state and year, refer to the Calculations page.


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