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Location: Connecticut
Topic: Medicaid coverage of births
Format: Bar Graph
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Medicaid coverage of births: Connecticut, 2001-2006

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• Medicaid is a major public source of financing health care services provided to pregnant women, infants and children. 
• According to the latest survey from the National Governor's Association, 33.4% of births in Connecticut were covered under Medicaid in 2006. 
• While women ages 19-44 and children in Connecticut made up almost 66.8% of Medicaid enrollees in 2007, they accounted for only 23.5% of all Medicaid spending. 


  • Recent data on Medicaid covered births is available for most states from the National Governor's Association: MCH Update.
  • The following states did not have Medicaid covered birth data available and are not included in U.S. rate in 2003: New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada and Wyoming.


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