Care+Wear, a leader in innovative healthwear, is focused on creating positive and effective healing experiences for people everywhere. Their products are designed with input from patients, clinicians and designers, resulting in healthwear solutions that provide the highest quality, function and experience.

Care+Wear is proud to support March of Dimes through the launch last fall of the Care+Wear/March of Dimes NICU one-piece. The one-piece features clinically compliant access to a baby’s entire body – including unique openings on the arms for continuous IV access. The outfit’s diagonal opening and strategically placed ties and snaps keeps baby snug and warm while allowing access to vital medical lines and machinery.

By incorporating fashion and innovation into healthwear solutions, Care+Wear strives to improve patient comfort and satisfaction, while streamlining the treatment process for clinicians. More information about their products can be found on their website.

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