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CNE tests and certificates

Where can I find the online CNE tests?

In the activities list find the module you're interested in and click take the test.

Where can I find downloadable versions of the CNE tests?

Downloadable versions of the CNE tests can be found here. Find the module you're interested in and click to download the test.

Where can I find my CNE certificates?

See print your certificate. In order to view your CNE certificates, you must be signed in.

New! Zika virus: What every nurse should know

article (1.7 contact hours)

Also in Spanish: El virus del Zika en Puerto Rico: Lo que toda enfermera debe saber
artículo (1.8 horas de contacto)

New! Communication in the social media age: Exploring the benefits and challenges in the NICU setting

narrated slide presentation (1.6 contact hours)

New! Prematurity prevention conference 2015

(videos) (9.2 contact hours)

Developing and assessing culturally appropriate health education for childbearing women

(article) (1.5 contact hours)

See the NCC codes for our CNE courses

Identify the courses that fill your NCC requirements.

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