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Grand rounds

The March of Dimes Continuing Professional Education program provides traditional grand rounds and educational conferences/webinars for health care professionals that focuses on topics relevant to prematurity prevention and managing the consequences of prematurity. This program is made possible through a generous gift on an annual basis from an anonymous donor. For more information contact [email protected] or the program staff in your local March of Dimes chapter.

Healthy Babies Healthy Business® (HBHB)

HBHB is a no-cost online wellness program developed for the workplace by the March of Dimes. The program supports your employees before, during and after pregnancy and complements existing wellness programs. HBHB is easy to manage, implement and promote and helps to distinguish your organization as a pregnancy- and family-friendly workplace. Hundreds of organizations currently provide HBHB as a benefit to their employees.

NICU Family Support®

The March of Dimes hospital-based NICU Family Support program is built on a family-centered philosophy and is implemented nationwide through March of Dimes chapters. It addresses the needs of parents, siblings, grandparents and the extended family throughout the hospitalization of the newborn, during the transition home and in the event of a newborn death. NICU Family Support also includes a professional development component that provides NICU staff with educational opportunities to help them sensitively support families on a daily basis.

Patient education

Our products reflect 75 years of experience in promoting healthy behaviors that lead to full-term pregnancies and healthy babies. They provide support to parents when a baby is born too soon or when there's a loss. Our goal is to provide health care professionals with the tools they need to improve the health of mothers and babies.

The Pregnancy & Newborn Health Education Center® (PNHEC)

The PNHEC was established in 1996 to serve as a direct link between the March of Dimes and consumers seeking maternal/child health information. Content and services are provided in English and Spanish and include preconception health, pregnancy, newborn care, birth defects, bereavement and a host of related topics. Each year the PNHEC is contacted by over 20,000 individuals from around the world. Utilizing the March of Dimes medical library, online journal subscriptions, and certain Internet sites, health education specialists provide answers to questions and referrals to other organizations that might be of assistance to people looking for answers.

Product catalog

See our catalog for CNE materials to help improve the health of mothers and babies.

Research breakthroughs

From the PKU test to surfactant and nitric oxide therapies, March of Dimes funded research is saving the lives of thousands of babies.

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