#ZAPzika Campaign From March of Dimes Urges Prevention of Brain Damage To Babies

White Plains, NY | Tuesday, July 12, 2016

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The March of Dimes is seeking thousands of signatures for an online petition to demand that Congress act immediately to pass a bipartisan funding package to combat Zika virus before going on recess. The petition is available at marchofdimes.org/zikapetition

“Don’t let Congress get away with this!” The March of Dimes says. “It’s an outrage that Congress has failed to give states and localities the resources they need to protect pregnant women and babies from Zika virus.”

The petition is part of a new #ZAPzika campaign urging families and communities to protect against Zika virus infection and the serious risks it poses to pregnant woman and babies, including birth defects involving serious brain damage. Spread these five tips for Zika Awareness and Protection:

  1. Use spray, keep mosquitoes away: make sure it’s EPA registered.
  2. Say you will, embrace the chill: use air conditioning and window screens if possible.
  3. If it’s wet, it’s a threat: remove still water.
  4. Get protected, not infected: wear clothes to prevent bites. Use a condom to prevent sexual transmission.
  5. If you suspect, then connect: call your health care provider if you are at risk of infection.

The organization provides continuously updated information on its websites in English, www.marchofdimes.org/zika, and in Spanish, www.nacersano.org/zika. You can ask a question in both languages at http://www.marchofdimes.org/ask-us.aspx#


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