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The First-Of-Its-Kind Online Business Tool That Estimates Preterm Birth Expenses And Offers Recommendations On How To Improve Employees’ Birth Outcomes.

San Francisco, California | Thursday, December 10, 2015

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Premature Birth Cost Estimator News Release

Premature Birth Cost Estimator Media Release

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Premature birth costs businesses more than $12 billion annually in excess health care costs. Childbirth and newborn care are a big part of employers’ health insurance costs representing the most expensive conditions billed to commercial insurers for hospital care and accounting for 7 of the top 10 individual hospital procedures billed. How will the next preterm baby impact business? How can businesses prepare for this impact and improve the health of their employees? March of Dimes and the Bay Area Council Economic Institute joined forces to create a new platform to estimate the cost of prematurity to businesses. The development of the platform was guided by insights from the Advisory Committee that included major businesses from diverse industries. This first-of-its-kind online business tool estimates preterm birth expenses and offers recommendations on how to improve employees’ birth outcomes. Currently in beta testing the estimator will be released December 10 nationally.

For this one event, bench science comes together with the business community to share their perspectives and insights on this project.

The luncheon also includes a special presentation by Dr. Druzin, co-principal investigator at the March of Dimes Prematurity Research Center at Stanford University, the first of five transdisciplinary science centers created by March of Dimes to specifically address the complex challenges of preterm birth.  Attendees to the luncheon will gain insight into the latest cutting-edge March of Dimes funded research to reduce prematurity at Stanford University.

Also presenting at the luncheon will be Tré McCalister Ed.D, Co-Chair of the National March of Dimes Prematurity Cost to Business Steering Committee and Principal, Total Health Management, Mercer.  Ms. McCalister will share her insights into what business can do to prevent preterm birth.

The reality of preterm birth is heart-wrenching and costly. The statistics are sobering.  1 in 10 babies is born preterm (less than 37 weeks gestation) each year in the United States. Preterm birth is the number one killer of newborns in the United States. Those babies who survive are at greater risk for lifelong health complications.  The average medical cost of preterm babies is twelve times greater than a healthy baby.

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